Since 1979, Wegmann Dazet & Company has been a trusted partner of businesses and individuals who realize our expertise can be one of their assets. The Firm is not only one of the largest locally owned firms in the area but also the fastest growing.

A history of growth through promotions, purchases and mergers by the Firm can be traced back nearly 80 years. From its formation by John X. Wegmann, Jr. in 1938, its focus on the foundation as a local firm dedicated to the growth and success of its clients was solidly established.

From its inception and through its expansions and rebrandings, the firm has remained steadfast in its commitment to efficiently and effectively serve its clients’ needs while holding to its passion for continuing education. Driven by these core principles, the demand for our services over the years has continued to fuel an ever-expanding growth spiral. Even as a sole-practitioner, Wegmann envisioned the mergers and expansions that would lead to today’s impressive operations but most importantly, the role professional training would play in the firm’s expansion.

The early growth years

Wegmann’s devotion to continuing education led to his involvement with Loyola University and a burgeoning relationship with Professor of Accounting, Wally Leftwich. In the early 50’s, the two merged their talents and resources into a new entity, Wegmann & Leftwich, CPAs.

The 60’s and early 70’s brought new growth spurts to the firm; first with the entry of John X. Wegmann III (Jay) as a partner, following a successful career in corporate accounting; and the subsequent employment of a rising star, Loyola accounting graduate Ralph A. Dazet.

Going national

Almost simultaneous with Mr. Dazet’s hire, the firm undertook an ambitious alliance that would project it into the national spotlight…a merger with the prestigious second tier accounting firm Lester Witte, making the Wegmann & Leftwich practice the New Orleans office for this multi-national operation.

In that environment, Mr. Dazet’s abilities became quickly evident in the Lester Witte national network and resulted in the continued expansion of the firm’s foundation in education. Not only did he author the audit training manuals for the firm, he was also appointed National Director of Audit Training for this massive operation.

Concurrently, Mr. Jay Wegmann was accelerating through the Lester Witte corporate ranks on a management path, ascending to the position of Co-Managing Partner by the late 70’s.

Local growth spirals

Never losing sight of the primacy of serving New Orleans area businesses, the firm’s growth in the local market paralleled the expanding relationship with Lester Witte. In 1973, the firm purchased the practice of a small West Bank accounting firm and thereby established a foothold in the booming oil and gas industry.

By 1979, with the firm’s growth it became clear that the advantages of the Lester Witte relationship had abated. The partners concluded a demerging agreement for the New Orleans operation, establishing the Wegmann Dazet & Company entity, as it exists today.

Growing into the future

Since that time, the firm has continued on a path of expansion enhanced by market conditions and client needs, but always with the underlying strength of our training and educational tenets.

Today the firm boasts a total of six partners and nearly eighty-five on staff , managing financial and accounting needs for clients in Oil and Gas Service Companies, Offshore and Inland Waters Marine Companies, Gaming and Hospitality, Technology Companies, Construction, Wholesale Distribution, Non-Profits, Retail, Manufacturing and Professional Services: Architects, Engineers, Physicians, Dentists and Attorneys.

Solid growth, solid operating standards, well-honed training standards and a commitment to service will allow us to continue our upward push on into the future.

Wegmann Dazet provides audit, accounting, tax and a full menu of business consulting services to its clients. The experience of the Firm’s partners and staff effectively meets the organizational demands of training and quality control while retaining the identity and personal relationships important to the quality of life of the professional staff.