Mergers & Acquisitions

Do you fully understand the financial impact of your sale or acquisition?

Buyers, lenders, and sellers involved in M&A should identify risks and opportunities associated with the business under consideration. To avoid costly mistakes, Wegmann Dazet can help you conduct effective financial due diligence and structure your transactions strategically. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your position pursuant to any deal. We provide financial due diligence and transaction support services to buyers, lenders, and sellers in a variety of transactional situations.


We assist strategic and financial buyers focused on historic and projected financial performance. You can develop a more complete picture of the financial realities of a target business by reviewing the quality of earnings, conducting integration assessments, and assessing the purchase price model.

We bring an in-depth knowledge of all available LA State and Federal tax credits and deductions that may be available to you as a result of the purchase. We can also, on a stock purchase, examine sales tax payment to help ensure you are not buying into a huge tax liability. A Cost Segregation can allow you to accelerate the depreciation on real estate you may be purchasing in your acquisition.


Conducting effective financial due diligence is not only important for negotiation purposes; it also can help sellers better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their position. We can provide tax-friendly and tax-compliant scenarios to help you make the most of your sale, too.  We offer guidance on tax efficient ways that your windfall can be effectively protected from tax liability.

Transaction Support

No two businesses are exactly alike, and no single due diligence strategy will satisfy every seller, buyer, or lender. Wegmann Dazet customizes its approach to each transaction. Some common financial due diligence steps are related to:

  • Assessing financial trends
  • Understanding EBITDA and unusual or nonrecurring transactions
  • Assessing accounting policies and procedures
  • Assessing financial reporting and information systems
  • Evaluating key assets and related reserves or allowances
  • Identifying unrecorded liabilities
  • Evaluating working capital trends
  • Evaluating loan covenant compliance
  • Evaluating key assumptions and drivers to projections
  • Understanding Capex requirements
  • Assessing federal, state and local taxes

Remember, in any merger or acquisition, financial due diligence is important not only for negotiation purposes but also to identify future growth opportunities and post-acquisition strategies. Our seasoned professionals incorporate a unique blend of investigative, analytic, and financial skills, with a focus on the strategic value of the target business.

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