Assurance & Accounting

The world of business seems awash in a flood of regulatory changes, accounting pronouncements and never ending upgrades in information technology, constantly altering the landscape of business operations. A good perspective on your company’s financial position will assist you in navigating these treacherous waters. Wegmann Dazet’s audit and accounting services group offers a range of solutions and can provide assurance on the financial performance and operations of your business.

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Financial Audits, Reviews and Compilations

At Wegmann Dazet, we are committed to delivering independent, efficient, effective and comprehensive audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements, including attestations of internal control reporting on audits. Our engagements begin with a broad understanding of your business. We then consider the risks your company faces, the way management controls these risks and the degree of transparency in your company’s reporting to stakeholders.

Hallmarks of our audit approach

We believe that high-quality audits, in fact and perception, are essential to a company’s growth. With that goal in mind, Wegmann Dazet has pledged to maintain the integrity of our audit process. Our professionals are highly sensitized to the need to maintain objectivity and independence. From a service perspective, our audits are led by partners who are heavily involved in the engagements and staffed by individuals with the appropriate level of skill and knowledge of our clients’ businesses. Each audit also has a suitable level of independent technical oversight.

We recognize the benefits of a planned, proactive approach. In that regard, we identify possible areas of risk that might require special attention. This advance planning also typically results in an efficient audit process.

Many aspects of our assurance services benefit from industry experience. For example, audits of general-purpose financial statements may require industry experience to understand the full implications of accounting standards and risk assessments.

Wegmann Dazet has experience advising clients of risks and opportunities that are unique to their industries. We have professionals experienced with:

  • Oil and Gas Service Companies
  • Offshore and Inland Waters Marine Companies
  • Gaming and Hospitality
  • Technology Companies
  • Construction
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Non-Profits
  • Charter Schools
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing Industries, and
  • Other important industries operating in our region

We bring that experience to bear in both our audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements and in our advisory role.

Financial Accounting

Knowledge and experience…two key capabilities necessary to help you with complex financial accounting issues as well as for smaller companies, the more basic accounting support to get your financial records on track. Wegmann Dazet brings both.

From complex partnerships and trusts down to the rudiments of QuickBooks and Peachtree support and training, you’ll find our experienced staff eager to assist you in tracking your assets and liabilities. Our unique Small Emerging Business Group was formed to specifically assist the small business owner and even start-ups in the proper tracking of their finances. For early stage companies, below market rate fees for our services are offered to help in the early growth years. In addition, our experienced professionals will provide you with a combination of technical advice, support tools and training of in-house accounting staff.

Internal Controls

In a world where fraud seems to provide weekly news headlines, Wegmann Dazet’s experienced team can aid you in designing programs to minimize risk in your internal operations. However, our perspective is broader than that. We see Internal Controls as an integral part of any organization’s financial and business policies and procedures. Internal Controls consists of all the measures taken by the organization for the purpose of: protecting its resources against waste, fraud, and inefficiency; ensuring accuracy and reliability in accounting and operating data; securing compliance with the policies of the organization; and evaluating the level of performance in all operational units of the organization. Internal controls are simply good business practices.

For cases where inadequate controls has led to fraudulent activity, our experienced professionals can assist with the forensics to support any legal action or simply to provide damage assessment.

Let us visit with you today to see how we can assist your company in this important area.

ERISA Audits

At Wegmann Dazet, our experience tells us that auditing retirement plans is a complex and industry-specific task requiring seasoned experience and knowledge. With changing rules and regulations from the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor, it is essential that companies choose the right audit provider for their retirement plans.

Our team of professionals thoroughly understands employee benefit plan audits. Our time tested methodologies result from our experience and our staff regularly attending training in new pronouncements by the DOL. Our capabilities include audits of defined contribution, defined benefit and 401(k) plans.

In addition, we can offer suggestions to help improve the internal controls of a plan and can note areas that should be considered for compliance with the laws and regulations under ERISA.