Federal Taxes Delayed – 3/20/20 Update for Taxpayers

  Richard Tullier, CPA and Senior Manager in our Tax Department, provides an update to  the recent IRS April 15 tax delay, for COVID-19 emergency relief: On March 20, 2020, the Department of the Treasury expanded relief for federal taxpayers affected by “ongoing Coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.” Now, the due date for federal income tax… Read More

Special Coronavirus Message to our Clients and Friends

The management of Wegmann Dazet has been closely monitoring the spread of the novel Coronavirus throughout the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas.  As with everyone, we are concerned about our clients as well as our people as we work through this unprecedented situation.  Since the beginning, we have encouraged our staff to focus… Read More

401k Fiduciary Duties

Amazing yet true: it seems 401k Fiduciary Duties keep growing. If your plan documents name you (the plan administrator) as the fiduciary, then you and the plan sponsor (your employer), could be taking on more risks than you know. According to the Department of Labor, your basic responsibilities include: acting solely in the interest of plan participants… Read More

Like Kind Exchange Options

A Like Kind Exchange, known as a 1031…many of you with real estate know the sweet benefits offered in the program but you may have likely also heard of the many “thou shall nots!” One big one, of course, came with the Tax Cut and Jobs Act that limited all Like Kind Exchange activity to… Read More