The IRS is watching…your Facebook postings!?!?!?

While they may have initially denied it, according to this article, more and more evidence in IRS audits appear to point to the agency’s knowledge of taxpayer’s possessions, travels, and in particular, if they go off bragging online on how they beat the system through possibly questionable tactics. It seems the truth is that the… Read More

Mergers are not always made in heaven

In fact, in hindsight, a significant number may come from a much warmer place. What, as the company’s financial leader can you do to meld both parts of the combo into a profitable, growing machine? Here are some thoughts from CFO Magazine that lays out six steps that could serve as your road map to… Read More

NonProfits…Why Do People Give?

Before ever asking for the first nickel on a fundraising drive, you and your fundraising team had better get themselves inside the heads of the potential donors. Many emotions, tax deduction needs and issue-focused giving all come into play at various levels. Recognizing the giver’s motivation can make the difference in the success of your… Read More

Fraud Will Happen

…Unless you take out the temptation for an employee to “borrow” from you. You see, there are three triggers to all fraud. For the fraudster, there’s a “need” for the cash and secondly, their ability to rationalize that you really owe them that money or that they tell themselves they will pay it back. So,… Read More