Should I “Like” My #Accounting Software?

Should I “Like” My #Accounting Software? From our perspective, we’d have to ask, “Why not?”  After all, you’ve paid for it to help you yet by not learning all that it’s capable of, not teaching your staff the features of it, you may be missing out on the tools that will help you run a… Read More

Confused About 1031 Exchange Options?

Anyone with real estate knows the sweet benefits offered in the Like Kind exchange program but you have likely also heard of the many “thou shall nots!”  As you can read here from our friends at BDO, there are actually several attractive “flexibilities” available in a #1031 Exchange that might make your deal even sweeter. … Read More

The C Corp vs. S Corp Tax Enigma

  With the permanent reduction in C Corp taxation, many S Corp and Partnership filers are pondering the age-old conversion question.  On surface, the flat 21% C Corp tax rate seems to make it a no-brainer.  But don’t jump so fast.  As with all tax issues, even tax simplification ones…it’s complicated.  Here’s a great analysis… Read More