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Kathy has over a decade of public accounting experience, serving clients in such industries as construction, grocery/retail, real estate, restaurant, oil & gas, and technology. Her primary responsibilities have been in the Audit & Accounting Department.


Will your Employee Benefit Plan be affected by COVID-19? During the pandemic, some companies are experiencing reduced revenues, increased costs, and concerns over whether they can continue to be profitable. As a result, some businesses might find that their Employee Benefit Plans, such as 401(k)s, could use some tweaking. Kathy Flattmann discusses  key COVID-19 implications… Read More

401k Fiduciary Duties

Amazing yet true: it seems 401k Fiduciary Duties keep growing. If your plan documents name you (the plan administrator) as the fiduciary, then you and the plan sponsor (your employer), could be taking on more risks than you know. According to the Department of Labor, your basic responsibilities include: acting solely in the interest of plan participants… Read More

Asset Misappropriation?

Asset Misappropriation? Let’s Be Blunt. It’s Called Fraud…Fraud…theft by your employees from your hard earned revenue.  It seems like you read about it more and more in the news each day. Read on to learn some suggested safeguards from our Manager II, Kathy Flattmann, on how even small companies reduce the fraud risk. The first… Read More

Commercial Property Renovation Windfall – Audit Manager Kathy Flattmann Highlights Your Opportunities for Historic Tax Credits.

Are you thinking of rehabilitating a building in Louisiana that is 50+ years old? Did you know your reno expenditures may qualify for federal and state tax credits? Federal and State tax credits are available to owners who rehabilitate buildings that are located in a Certified Cultural or Downtown Development District, which includes most of… Read More