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Allison has experience in public accounting and private industry. Her focus at the Firm has been federal and multi-state income tax compliance, state and local sales tax compliance, and and analysis of tax consequences of business opportunities.

What Does Nexus Mean to Me?

Chances are good that in a conversation with a tax professional, you’ll hear the term “nexus.” Since it is used often, nexus must mean something important, but what is it? Allison Civello, Manager II with Wegmann Dazet, explains:   Nexus quite simply is a relationship.  In tax, it is the relationship between a tax jurisdiction… Read More

What Your Company Does in Other States Can Cost You.

Does your company sell to, distribute in or operate in multiple states?  With the variable cacophony of sales, use, income, franchise and gross receipts taxes across the country, trying to manage your activities in multiple jurisdictions without the support of an experienced team of CPAs can easily lead to a difficult audit by state taxing… Read More